The food we create wouldn’t be possible without the assistance of a wide range of people who are always on hand to make sure we give you the finest ingredients. So here’s a shout out to them.

Thank you to Country Valley Foods in Hurworth for consistently delicious meat, from their tender 28 day aged steaks to their grand reserve lamb and phenomenal New Zealand venison. Thank you to Lanchester Dairies for the locally sourced milk and cream. Thanks to Harvey & Brockless for bringing us some of the best cheese from around the globe. Thank you to Geordie Bakers for our brioche buns that are lighter than air. Thank you to North Road Veg for going to the Tyne & Wear market at the crack of dawn, and picking our fruit and vegetables so we can stay in bed. Thank you to Beckleberrys for making delicious ice creams and sorbets.

To all those we’ve missed, sorry.